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We are looking for established, active teams ready and able to help clients in need all over the world. See below for requirements. Listing is free.

  • Be active and experienced
  • Investigations must be free of charge
  • Have a clear, professional web site
  • Provide active contact information
  • Work and communicate in a professional manner
  • You MUST agree to the below requirements

 International team listing

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Adding Your Team To This Page
We are looking for teams that are active, professional and willing to help clients who contact us needing investigations in their home or business. This form is an application to be listed on our web site and we will research the information provided. Generally speaking, we actively seek out teams that are readily able to investigate and will provide professional services. The purpose of this list is to provide clients with a listing of teams that are ready and able to help. Please do not apply if you do not provide residential services free of charge.

To be included:
  • Your team must have a web site - a real, professional web site. Facebook, MySpace and other 'blog-type' pages will not be considered.
  • Your site must make it clear that you provide residential investigation services.
  • Method of contact should be clear and easy to get to for the client. Forms, email and phone are fine. But please do not make it so difficult that they cannot figure out how to request an investigation.
  • Contact information must accurate, active and be CLEAR and easy to get to.
  • It must be clearly stated whether you charge a fee for your services or not. Groups that charge will not be included in this listing.
  • You must be and remain active for investigations. If we send a client your way and communication is lacking or ineffective, your team listing will be removed.
  • All requested information in the form above is required. Phone number is optional but preferred. If any required information is not provided or incorrect your listing will not be added.
  • This program is limited to one listing per team in one service area. Do not apply to be listed multiple times or in multiple areas.
  • International team are VERY welcome! On the application form above, click on 'International team listing' to see a list of countries.
We reserve the right to include or not include any team at our discretion. It may take a few days or weeks for your link to show up. We will do an initial inspection of your web site to ensure you conduct investigations in a respectable manner. We will do a periodic check to verify links and information are correct and that you are active. If information has changed or your web site no longer exists and we have not be notified, the listing will be removed. Any information provided that is incorrect will result in non-inclusion. If we send you a case and communication with us or the client ceases or is unprofessional, the listing will be removed. If your team is listed here and you need to change any information on it, please email us at